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Teams may have only one (1) Manager

They must be listed on the Official Team Roster, they must be present for a team to play (if the Manager is not present then a team Coach who is listed on the Official Team Roster may become the Acting-Manager), if the Manager or an Acting-Manager is not present the team will forfeit the game. NO exceptions.


The Manager or Acting-Manager is responsible for conduct of players, staff, fans and team followers; if situations on or off the field arise the Manager or Acting-Manager shall solve the situations to the satisfaction Umpire Crew-Chief or USABF, if not the team shall forfeit.

Only Managers or Acting-Managers may question Umpires about rulings; coaches and players who disregard this rule may be subject to ejection.


Official Tournament Rules

(All Divisions)

United States Amateur Baseball Federation and American Baseball Federation

The Official Rules of Major League Baseball shall be used; the following modifications apply:


A minimum of eight (8) roster players shall be required to start a game; a 15-minute grace period from the scheduled game-time will be used, if eight (8) players cannot be fielded in time the game shall be forfeit. NO OPPOSING TEAM IS ALLOWED TO LEND PLAYERS IN AN EFFORT TO START OR CONDUCT A GAME.

Teams with 8 players shall start their scheduled game; the 9th spot in the batting order shall be left blank and results in an Automatic-Out each time the 9th spot is due to bat. If prior to the 5th inning starting (5th inning starts when the last out is made in the bottom of the 4th) the 9th player arrives on the field he shall be placed in the 9th spot in the batting order. A team that cannot field nine (9) players at the start of the 5th inning will forfeit the game.

Age Eligibility: A player’s age for participation in particular Divisions for all tournaments shall be the same as their age on April 30th in the current calendar year; (i.e. if a player is 16 on or before April 30 they are eligible for the 16u Division), same format for all Divisions.

Participation: Only the Manager, Coaches, Players, Scorekeeper and Trainers listed on the Official Team Roster are eligible to participate in the game; which includes, being on the field or in the dugout during games. Participation by ineligibles has the following penalties: Forfeit of game during Preliminary Round or Team Disqualification during Bracket Play.

Home team: Coin flip will determine home team. During Bracket Play the higher seeded team will be home team. Teams starting with 8 players automatically become the visiting team.


Uniforms: Players are required to wear a traditional baseball uniform; all jerseys must have numbers, duplicate numbers are not allowed, the manager and coaches may wear shorts, windbreakers, jackets or alternate jerseys. DRESSING ON THE FIELD OR DUGOUT WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.

Helmets: Batters are required to wear a standard batting helmet with appropriate ear-flaps. Base coaches are encouraged to wear protective headgear.

Bats: 14u, 15u, 16u, and 18u divisions will use wood or wood composite bats. 13u and below will use high school sanctioned bats (BBCOR and BESR) as approved by the Washington State University Sports Science Lab. Links to WSU-approved bats by make and model can be found on the USABF website -

Ruling: Players utilizing an illegal bat shall be declared OUT; runners will be returned to the base they occupied at the time the pitch prior to discovery, (all other outs recorded during the at-bat shall stand), discovery of the illegal bat must occur prior to the next batter’s first pitch.

Baseballs: Each team will provide two (2) new baseballs to start the game; (each team is responsible to return foul balls from their side of the field). USABF will provide baseballs for Championship Games.

Team Comportment:

Any Manager, Coach, Player, Scorekeeper, or Trainer ejected is required to leave the playing facility immediately. (Manager’s responsibility)

If ejected, you may not return to the playing facility until the umpires have left the playing facility; failure to obey this rule will result in suspension from the entire tournament. Confronting the umpires after completion of the game will not be tolerated. Anyone ejected will not have to sit out the next game unless he/she is ruled to do so by a USABF tournament official.

Anyone ejected a second time during the same tournament WILL be suspended the following game. A third ejection will result in suspension from any remaining games. The USABF defines a suspension as not being able to be present at any playing facility; failure to obey this rule will result in your team’s disqualification


The USABF Rules Committee may impose additional penalties based on individual circumstances.

Pitching Rules:

Pitchers are not restricted to a maximum number of innings during a tournament. Pitchers moved to other positions may return to pitch; but not in the same inning. Pitchers may go to their mouth while on the dirt circle but must, in the umpire’s judgment wipe prior to touching the baseball. Failure to wiping will result in a ball to the batter and the baseball shall be replaced.

Pre-game Meeting:

Shall be conducted 5 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. Managers are required to attend. Line-up cards shall be reviewed and approved by the plate umpire. NO changes are allowed after approval, any team members (substitutes) NOT listed on the line-up card are considered ineligible for that game. NO addition of substitutes shall be allowed after the first pitch of the game.


Starters may re-enter once.

Designated Hitter (DH):

One DH for any player per team; the DH is a starter. If entered at a defensive position the DH is terminated.

Extra Hitter (EH):

One EH per team; the EH is a starter. The EH is treated as a free-sub who bats; if the EH is placed at a defensive position then the player being removed from the field becomes the EH; they switch designations; the batting order does NOT change.

Example: The EH is batting 4th; a DH is used for the pitcher (batting 7th); later in the game the EH is put in to pitch. Ruling: The original EH becomes the pitcher and continues to bat 4th, the original DH or pitcher (manager’s choice) becomes the EH and continues to bat 7th - they switch designations; this particular move also terminates the DH.

Teams using an EH (10 player line-up) must finish the game batting 10 players; if a player is injured or ejected and the team does not have any substitutes the EH may play a defensive position; each time the injured or ejected player’s turn at bat is reached an out will be recorded. Teams must have 9 defensive players on the field to continue playing; if not, they forfeit the game.

Collision Rule:

When a collision between a runner and a fielder (who is clearly in possession of the ball) occurs - Umpires judge the following: 1) was the collision avoidable (could the runner have reached the base/plate without colliding) or unavoidable (the runner’s path to the base/plate was blocked) and 2) was the runner attempting to reach the base/plate or attempting to dislodge the ball.

Ruling: If the runner; a) could have avoided the collision, or b) attempted to dislodge the ball; the runner shall be declared out; even if the fielder loses possession of the ball, dead ball and all other runners shall return to the last based touched prior to the collision. Not all collisions result in ejection; however, malicious contact always results in an out and ejection - umpire judgement.

Intentional Walk:

Time shall be called; inform the plate umpire, no pitches are necessary.

Courtesy Runners:

Courtesy runners may be used for the pitcher and catcher at any time; any player not in the game at that time or if a team has only the minimum number of players (9/10) then the player who made the last out shall be the runner, courtesy may not be removed from the bases to pinch-hit.

Time Limit and Run - Rule:

6 - Innings: (13u & below) no new inning after 1 hour and 45 minutes and a 15-run rule after 3 ½ or 4 innings, 8 run-rule after 4 ½ or 5 innings.

7 - Innings: (14u - 18u) no new inning after 2 hours and an 8-run-rule after 4 ½ or 5 innings.

For Fall events there is a manditory Drop Dead of 2 hours - if in middle of inning score will revert back to last full completed inning for final score

Playoff Rds/Championship Game: Time limits do NOT apply but run-rules DO apply. However, if a Playoff game or Championship Game is "ALL TIED" and the game is called due to weather or daylight and the subjuect game cannot be made up during tournament timeframe the WINNER will be selected based on the number of LOWEST RUNS ALLOWED during POOL PLAY.

Inclement Weather Procedures:

In the case of inclement weather a game will be considered completed if the “home” team is ahead after 3.5 innings or 4 completed innings played. The score at the time of completion will be the FINAL score.


Game “time” commences at first pitch.

Time limit is reached and the team at bat is behind; Ruling: finish the inning or any portion needed for the home team to go ahead, if the score is tied after completing the inning it shall be declared a tie. All ties will count as a 1/2 win and 1/2 loss.

The scheduled number of innings is complete and the score is tied; but the time limit has NOT been reached; Ruling: ply additional innings until you have a winner or the time limit is reached (whichever comes first).

Elimination Brackets:

No time limit, but run rules apply. Play until you have a winner.


Team protesting a game shall do so by submitting a $100.00 cash protest fee to that days tournament headquarters where a prompt decision will be made by USABF officials after gathering the necessary facts. Money will be returned to team filing the protest upon winning the protest.

Official Book will be keep by Home Team - If NO book provided buy home team, officaial score will default to Umpires ruling regarding final or reported score. 

Refund Policy:

A $145.00 credit will be given for any game NOT receiving a FINAL score due to inclement weather or field closure. Refund Policy only applies to teams NOT receiving event game guarantee.

In the event of any confusion, conflict, or disagreement about any rule or regulation included herein; the rules committee will make a ruling that is final and binding.

And remember: You can’t win if you don’t play! See you on the field!

Game-Pace Procedures

Preliminary Play